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First, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Reggie George to handle your solar or roofing project. I rarely write reviews as it is uncommon for me to come across someone who actually means what he says and takes pride, and goes the extra mile, in making his customers happy. He is a person of integrity. I am a very happy client of Reggie’s with a great roof and solar energy system.

In 2020, I was very interested in having a solar energy system installed but I also needed a new roof. I was introduced to Reggie by one of his colleagues that only provides solar. Reggie came out to my house to take measurements and see exactly what was needed for both a new roof and solar. He put a quote together that included a 10kW solar energy system and a new roof with the materials he helped us select. The quote was very reasonable in terms of cost and timing and included an incredible warranty for both.

In addition, Reggie made it very clear that he is the one to contact for any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise with any part of the project….before, during, and after…and he would take care of it. This promise he made was not your standard line from a sales person. Reggie lived up to this promise so much better than other contractors I have hired. This is the reason I am inspired to write this review.

As with all projects like this (and especially considering that a global pandemic had just erupted), there are always unexpected things that pop up and things that don’t go quite right. My project was no exception. However, rather than requiring myself to manage these issues, Reggie willingly managed and resolved everything that needed additional attention. I highly recommend Reggie George for these services. You will not be disappointed.

Richard R.

Solar Installation San Jose CA
Solar Installation San Jose CA
Solar Installation San Jose CA

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